Build It

Whether you call it site building or development, the result is the same, you get your site.

Build vs. Development

Semantics? Maybe. Personally, I make a distinction between build and development. It makes it easier for me to define the skills needed on the project. Building a site does not have to mean coding themes or modules. Development implies the need for custom code.

With over 7,000 modules in different phases of development, the probability of finding what you need is high. A well defined set of requirements and design plan will provide the information you need to determine if you have a "build" project or a "development" project.

What does this mean for you?

If you are not a coder, you can build some pretty cool sites. In fact, most the tasks in a Drupal development project is build work. The advantage to being a coder in a build project is having the ability to trouble-shoot a module when it doesn't perform as you hoped. It also allows you to do things to your site that a current module can't.

So, start out building if you want. Learn how Drupal works so you can code your theme and modules the Drupal way.