D4.6.8 to D6.10: Upgrade One at a Time

Assuming you have completed the clean up process suggested on the previous article, you are ready to start upgrading. The following process may seem overwhelming but once you get into it, the process becomes easier (its all that practice you get).
Go Get the Drupal Installs
Go to the DO list of Drupal releases. Locate the following releases and download them to your local drive:

  • D4.7.0
  • D4.7.3 (cog.rusty did not include this one. I did this incremental step to get practice and to test the waters.
  • D4.7.7
  • D5.0
  • D5.2
  • D6.0
  • D6.10

Unpack/Unzip and Upgrade
I assume you have a tool to unpack tar.gz files. I use the latest version of WinZip. The key here is to see the upgrade.txt file (I tried finding just the right set of directions on DO but did not succeed. Believe it or not, I simply followed the instructions in each Dversion. If you want to read some more about the upgrade process, there are several pages on DO that you can reference. For example, Upgrading from previous versions.
The instructions tell you to delete the "files" and "sites" directory and then reload them. For me, I never deleted the "files" directory and didn't seem to matter. As for the sites directory, my sites directory only had my settings.php file. I simply used the control panel interface provided by my hosting service, and edited the two lines (db location and url) by copying those lines from my backup copy to the new one.