Drupal Pages and Views

Have you ever wished that the data table you created in a view could be combined with the content of your Drupal page? Below are three ways that you might want to combine your node content and views results. There are more but you get the picture, right?
To accomplish these types of results, you need to do two things: connect your views to your content and think layout strategies.
There are several ways you can connect one or more views with your content.

  • View module page header
  • CCK View reference module (viewreference)
  • Insert view module (insert_view)
  • CCK Computed field module (computed_field).
  • Views attached module (views_attach)

There are several ways you can layout your content and views. The layout is influenced by the method you choose to connect content and views. Below are some layout methods you can use.

  • Arrange the order of the content type fields (body and views fields)
  • Customize your node.tpl.php to create the layout you want.
  • Use the composite module (it’s like panels but for nodes)
  • Create a custom PHP layout for the content type with the Contemplate module.

The articles below look at the methods you can connect your view to your content. This list below will grow to include the options listed above (at least).