ISD Secrets for Great Tutorials

Sometimes instruction is more than how-to steps in a video- or print-based tutorial. There are a lot of Drupal tutorials available and the best ones offer more than the steps you should follow in order to accomplish a task in Drupal. They sprinkle in foundational facts, concepts, principles, and/or rules about the procedure to accommodate different learner skill levels and to help make the tutorial more memorable, more understandable. I can't tell you that the developers of these successful tutorials know they are doing this (for all I know they are natural instructors), but if you want some ideas on how to make your tutorials (video or print) a little better, I offer you this resource on instructional design content structures. Each structure can play a role in the learning process.
I created this resource for my students when I was teaching instructional design at George Mason University some years ago. It has been downloaded from this site from what I assume are instructional designers. You don't have to be an instructional designer to benefit from what this has to offer. If you want to share your knowledge with others in the Drupal community, please take a look and see if this doesn't give you some insight or ideas on the types of content that are useful when teaching technology.
The resource looks at the following content structures

  • Facts
  • Concepts
  • Principles and Rules
  • Procedures
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Attitudes
  • Psychomotor


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