More Drupal Training Scheduled in November

Even if you aren't going to be the site builder, it is helpful to have some hands-on experience in Drupal so you can communicate productively with your Drupal planner, builders, themers, developers, etc. Drupal Hands-On Intro for Builders gives you insights into core Drupal features and the most commonly used contributed modules. You go from a simple site plan to a fully functional site in two days using features such as CCK, Views, Imagecache, Pathauto, and more. If you are ready for more, stick around for a third day and take Hands-on Intro to Drupal Content Layout Modules. Learn how to manipulate the layout of your content without editing your theme.

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Drupal Hands-On Intro for Builders: 11/8-11/9
In this classroom course you will build a site that has four site sections, custom content types, views and more. Each section demonstrates commonly used techniques used to build dynamic Drupal sites.

Hands-on Intro to Drupal Content Layout Modules 11/10
In this classroom course you will learn to use modules designed to help you (as a builder) manipulate your Drupal interface without editing your theme. Create unique layouts that your theme does not support. Layout your node fields so they don't just appear one after the other. Make the node edit form less busy. Use multiple themes within your site. Reuse blocks in different regions without having to make a duplicate of the block.