Upgrading Drupal from 4.6.8 to 6.10 Made Easy

If you are faced with upgrading your Drupal 4.6.8 site, you might be feeling like I was, a little overwhelmed. This series of articles tells you how I went from 4.6.8 to 6.10 in a day. Before I begin, I want to thank Emma Jane Hogbin for talking me into simply opening another domain, copying my site into it, and upgrading my site one Dversion at a time versus rebuilding my site off-line and then trying to migrate. I also want to thank cog.rusty for his post conveying which Dversions will upgrade smoothy. If you search DO for instructions on how to upgrade, you will see numerous problems that can make this seem impossible. His post really helped.

  • You are willing to sacrifice those third-party modules that were very cool but are not available in D6.10.
  • You have a great hosting service (I use Prohosters) who is willing to help you with the back-end while you complete the steps.
  • You are not a tech-savvy person, you are not a coder, you are not a themer, but you are clever enough to have installed and setup a D4.6.8 site several years back.

The pages below walk you through what I did to get here.