Using Drupal's Flickr Module

If you haven't discovered the Flickr module yet, check it out. With a simple filter, you can add images to your site from Flickr. They were taken at the Drupal Doc Planning Sprint in Toronto, March 2009. The image to the right is set to a size of small. If you want to align the image (like you see here), wrap the image in paragraph tag and include style="float:right" as a paragraph attribute.
Below you see a Flickr image set. You can configure the Flickr module to display a different number of photos per set. To install and use Flickr, follow the steps below.
Install the Flickr Module

  • Install and enable the Flickr, Flickr filter, and Flickr sets.
  • Go to admin > site configuration > Flickr, insert the Flickr key and secret (there is a link on this page that takes you to the Flickr site page where you can request your key and secret). Configure the module to meet your needs.
  • Here is the step that gets overlooked. Go to admin > site configuration > input formats. Edit the input filter that will include the Flickr filter. Add the Flickr filter (called Flickr linker) to your input filter.

Use the Flickr filter

  • Locate the flickr image you want to use on the Flickr site. Copy the id number from the browser address (select the set id if you want the set) and paste it into the filter format shown on the Flickr project page.
  • Insert the filter you need (single image or set) into the body of your node. Set the image size using one of the formats shown on the Flickr project page.
  • Remember to select the applicable input format when creating your node.

My collection

Addison's collection
For demo purposes, I have borrowed some images from Addison Berry's Flickr collection.