Using OG Content Type Admin Module

You can create more than one group node (the node that creates your groups), but why would you if you couldn’t control which content types are associated with the group node? The organic group content type administration (OG_CTA) module ( gives you a way to control which OG content types are available to the group members in the OG details block.
This means that OG_CTA does not override permissions, it simply hides the “create group content” links from group members. To limit the chances that a group member will create content using a content type that you don’t want them to use, you also have to disable the “create content” link in the navigation block.
Below are configuration steps you need to take in order to get the best results out of OG_CTA. They are associated with

  • installation
  • module configuration
  • blocks
  • permissions
  • navigation block

Use the standard Drupal process for installation. That is, upload the module to your server, go to the modules page on your site, and enable the module.
I assume you have already installed the OG module and the OG access module.
Module Configuration
Note: as of 1/29/10, there is a bug in the OG_CTA configuration option at admin/og/og_content_types/admin. Don’t use the “Assign Content Types” tab to assign your content types. Use the interface under the Overview tab. (see Update: a patch was submitted for this issue and needs review.
Site wide content type setup - If you install OG_CTA before you create your group content types, you will need to go into admin/og/og_content_types/overview and “assign content types.” To make your group content types available, you need to check “required” for each group CT, including your group content type (the one that creates your group).
Default content type setup – go into admin/og/og_content_types/overview and “assign content types” for default. In here you find the content types that are associated to groups. Assuming you want all your group contents available to be used in groups, make sure “allowed” is checked for each.
Group specific content type setup – you can do this by either going to admin/og/og_content_types/overview and “assign content types” or the group node itself. On the group node there is a tab (assuming you have rights to the group) called Content Types. You can check which content types you want to make available to your group members. Note: You need to keep the group content type (the one used to create the group) checked in order for OG_CTA to work.
The module creates a block called “Group details override by OG Content Type Admin.” This is the block you need to enable for your groups so you can give your group members a way to create content in the group.
Note: I have had some random occurrences where this block does not show up. If you do not see this block, try one of the following:

  • Enable the “Group details” block and save. See if “Group details override by OG Content Type Admin” comes alive.
  • Change themes. If it appears, enable the block. Go back to original theme. It should be available now.

If you want your group members to have rights to create content in a group, you still have to set permissions for them. Go to admin/user/permissions and check that your user role (probably authenticated) can “create,” “edit own,” and maybe “delete own” for each group content you want the group admin to be able to let them use. OG_CTA acts as a block to these permissions. If the group content types are not selected, these permissions don’t work.
Navigation block
I mentioned in the introduction that this module does not block permissions. It can’t block permissions because then you would not be able to have one group use group content type A and another not use group content type A.
So, if you want to be sure that your group members cannot use a specific group content type unless you say so via the “Group details override by OG Content Type Admin” block, you need to remove the “create content” link from the navigation block that becomes active when someone signs in.
If you simply remove the links to the group content types from the Navigation menu, you still have the “Create content” page that lists all the content types that the Permissions module says that user can create. So, if this is an issue for you, you will need a work around.