Collect Requirements

At this point, you have analyzed your needs and decided that building a site is what you need to do. Now it is time to identify the requirements that define the details of your site.

Requirements, coupled with your design plan, will give you what you need to create a list of criteria that you can use to confirm that Drupal is the right solution for you. You can use the requirements to verify and validate you got what asked for. Without clear requirements to set expectations, you run the risk of not getting the site you need.

This chapter is designed to step you though a series of analyses geared toward helping you identify what you need to know about your site.

  • Audience analysis
  • Process analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Communications analysis
  • Search/Browse analysis
  • Feature analysis
  • Role analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Structure and interface analysis

Depending on the purpose of your site, some of these analyses could probably be documented on some scratch paper or a whiteboard or something much more. At the end of this chapter, the planner should be able to

  • recognize that requirements can be written at various levels of detail
  • describe ten analyses that provide detailed insight into the site
  • recognize how the decisions of each analysis can affect Drupal design and/or development decisions
  • describe what is required to satisfy the purpose of the site.
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