Create a Design Plan

Are you likely to say "I am not very artistic and don't know the first thing about making graphics so the design phase is not for me." If you are, stay tuned because design is more than the graphics and images often associated with design. Or in Drupal terms, site design is more than the process of [tip:theming=The process of creating a file or collection of files (PHP, INFO, CSS, JPG, GIF, PNG), which together determine the look and feel of a site.]. Design also includes making decisions about

  • how your content data should be presented
  • how you want your content organized in your site
  • how you want your audience to find your content
  • what should be displayed on each page
  • how you get the content on the page and then to your audience.

The design plan provides guidance for the developers, a way to manage expectations, and a tool for testing. At the end of this chapter, the planner should be able to

  • Distinguish between different roles in the design process
  • Describe four site organization strategies
  • Distinguish between different navigational strategies
  • Identify what makes up a site page (interface)
  • Organize page layouts with Drupal theming in mind
  • Recognize what gets themed
  • Describe how a site page gets assembled
  • Design a process that used by the content developers to post content.
type of content: