You can learn Drupal using one of several methods. This site will offer the following types of learning opportunities.

Free Online Tutorials

Online tutorials can be one short video on how to perform a specific task in Drupal or the tutorial can be like Drupal Introduction for Builder (including short content pages and videos).

Other Free Online Tutorials

The Drupal community is full of fabulous online tutorials. This section will (in the future) provide links to the videos I find particularly useful.

Get a head start on your training

Drupal Introduction for Builders

In this short tutorial, you will be introduced to some basic concepts you need to understand before diving into Drupal. You will also see how to install Drupal and you will take a tour of Drupal's default interface.

Overview of Drupal Content Layout Modules

This short tutorial introduces several modules that builder can use to to change how content is presented without editing the theme.


Drupal Hands-On Intro